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Podcast 36: Adam Cheyer On Founding Siri, Viv, and The Future of AI

This week, Adam Cheyer talks to us about co-founding Siri and the future of AI. Yes, that Siri. 😉

Adam’s background is fascinating. He didn’t even start to try to be an entrepreneur until his 40’s. In a world full of bright-eyed 20-something entrepreneurs trying to make it, but instead ending up in a rat-race of their own creation, it’s refreshing to talk to Adam.

Adam created Siri (and Viv) through a methodology that he will teach you in this interview. You can apply it today. It’s his unique twist on goal-setting, and is tempered by the fact that life is unpredictable and things often turn out different than you might first imagine.

You will also learn about the two big practices in AI today, and see if one or the other might be a good fit for you.

So take a listen and learn more about the fascinating man behind a revolution in voice control.

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