How to Create Wealth Through Startups with Josh Maher - Craftsman Founder

How to Create Wealth Through Startups with Josh Maher

Josh Maher is a Seattle-based author and angel investor who is written a book recently called “Startup Wealth: How the Best Angel Investors Make Money In Startups” about how to create personal wealth by investing through startups. He’s interviewed many great angel investors including Chris DeVore who was also on this podcast and invested in my startup.

Josh recently joined us on the podcast, not only to talk about his new book but how understanding angel investors is a lot different than understanding venture capitalists.

In my book, Finding Success in Failure, I talk a lot about how reading is a fantastic way to have proximity towards people you might not otherwise have access to. And I think that the key to raising venture capital from angel investors is to first understand the people behind the money. And if you don’t have a large group of angel investors that you already have relationships with, this book is a fantastic way to start understanding the people behind angel investing.

Listening and watching podcasts is another way to have great proximity. So please join Eliot Peper and me in this wonderful conversation and start to get to know Josh Maher.

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