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My 39 Best Books of 2015

Last year people really liked my 34 favorite books of 2014. This year I was again blessed to be able to read a book every single week of the year. Same as last year, not all of them were good (and again I won’t include the bad ones in this list), but many of them were […]

My 34 Best Books of 2014

This year I was blessed to be able to read a book every single week of the year. Not all of them were good, but many of them were great. If you need to get some holiday book gift shopping done, here are some ideas for you. THE BEST NON-FICTION BOOK OF 2014 Zero to […]

Podcast 11: How to Build a Brand with Jeremiah Gardner and Brant Cooper

Brand building isn’t just for big companies. Any time you are interacting with a customer or user, your are building your brand. If you aren’t doing it intentionally, then you are doing it implicitly. Jeremiah Gardner and Brant Cooper just wrote a book The Lean Brand, that gives you step by step instructions for how to […]

Uncommon Stock: Book Review

Eliot Peper’s new book, Uncommon Stock ($2.99 eBook) is a startup novel published by Brad Feld’s new publishing company FG Press. Anyone associated with a startup, or interested in starting a company, or who knows someone in a startup would find it fun and entertaining. About the Book At 242 pages long with 69 chapters, […]

The Secret to Platform Building for Startups

A.K.A. Book Notes for Your First 1000 Copies by Tim Grahl UPDATE #2: The contest closed with a surprise ending. Due to overwhelming response from newsletter subscribers, Tim agreed to send 10 signed free copies of his book instead of just 3. Huge thanks to Tim and his company Out:think for his generosity and thank […]