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The 25 Best Privacy Tools of 2015 for Phones, Browsers and Desktops

Mobile Signal for iOS RedPhone for Android TextSecure for Android Cyber Dust SurfEasy VPN iOS (free app, $30/year service) SurfEasy VPN Android (free app, $30/year service) Web Browser and Plugins Browser Plugin Search Plugin Adblock Plus Ghostery SSL Everywhere PrivacyFix Tor Browser Password Manager 1Password (use this with BitTorrent Sync for the most privacy) Dashlane […]

Podcast 18: Deep Strategy for M&A and Venture Capital with Tim Porter

Entrepreneurs are perpetually interested in M&A and Venture Capital topics, but often have little direct experience themselves. The math behind this is pretty obvious: if an entrepreneur starts 3 or 4 startups in his career, there are only so many opportunities that an entrepreneur gets to learn about these kinds of deals. On the other […]

How To Cope With Startup Envy

Dear Lucas… My startup recently failed. I was the CEO, and it was in a super-hot space with three other competitors. Two of the competitors were acquired and the founders in both companies became super-wealthy. I checked out their LinkedIn profiles and for most of the founders, it was their first startup.With only two startups […]