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Identifying and Managing Project Risks

We have all had side projects go nowhere for months, but most entrepreneurs don’t know the first thing about how to manage risk. In fact we wrongly assume we can’t… that it’s simply out of our control. Traditional ideas of risk make you think that it’s an unquantifiable quality of something that is mostly out […]

Podcast 23: How to Raise Venture Capital Outside of Silicon Valley with Mike Belsito

Mike Belsito is a startup business developer who loves creating something from nothing. Mike has spent nearly ten years in various startup companies as an early employee, leader, and co-founder. This week we talk to Mike about new book, How to Raise Venture Capital Outside of Silicon Valley is a great primer for entrpreneurs who […]

The 25 Best Privacy Tools of 2015 for Phones, Browsers and Desktops

Mobile Signal for iOS RedPhone for Android TextSecure for Android Cyber Dust SurfEasy VPN iOS (free app, $30/year service) SurfEasy VPN Android (free app, $30/year service) Web Browser and Plugins Browser Plugin Search Plugin Adblock Plus Ghostery SSL Everywhere PrivacyFix Tor Browser Password Manager 1Password (use this with BitTorrent Sync for the most privacy) Dashlane […]