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Podcast 12: Joanna Penn on How To Be an Indie Author-Entrepreneur

Joanna Penn, NYT Bestselling Indie Author and popular podcaster, has a masters degree in theology from Oxford. Joanna then spent 13 years working in IT consulting. She would implement accounts payable into large corporates. Like many cubicle slaves… she was paid well, traveled lots, had what you are “meant to want” in life and was […]

Podcast 11: How to Build a Brand with Jeremiah Gardner and Brant Cooper

Brand building isn’t just for big companies. Any time you are interacting with a customer or user, your are building your brand. If you aren’t doing it intentionally, then you are doing it implicitly. Jeremiah Gardner and Brant Cooper just wrote a book The Lean Brand, that gives you step by step instructions for how to […]

Podcast 10: Building Enterprise Software Companies from a Venture Capitalist

Frank Artale is a managing partner at Ignition, a boutique early-stage venture capital firm investing in enterprise software. He joined the firm in 2011. Before that, Frank was the GM of Windows NT, working alongside the now CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella. He founded Consera which was sold to HP. Then he worked for Accel […]