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Podcast 34: Ego Is the Enemy of Entrepreneurship with Ryan Holiday

What’s the difference between a healthy belief in one’s self and an unhealthy ego that will tear your world apart?

What was it that lead DeLorean to be prosecuted for buying millions of dollars of cocaine?

How can you make sure you don’t find yourself in a mess like that?

Pick up Ryan Holiday’s newest book, Ego Is The Enemy to find out answers to all of these questions and more.

This week, I had an opportunity to talk to Ryan about his experiences writing this book and we talk about some of the great stories and anecdotes that he has included.

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Lucas Carlson

Lucas Carlson is an executive, author and entrepreneur. He helps founders discover opportunities for growth, both for their companies and for themselves. He was the CEO and founder of AppFog, a popular startup acquired in 2013 after signing up over 100,000 developers and raising nearly $10M in venture funding from top angels and VCs.

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