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30 Things to Stop Doing As A Startup Founder

You can download a free printable version of this list that you can put over your desk here: Free Printable Version of “30 Things to Stop Doing as a Startup Founder” PDF… Being a startup founder is hard enough, but making common mistakes can often lead to total disaster. Here are some common things to look […]

Do I Need Venture Capital?

Dear Lucas… I want to get your opinion on my product, and some strategic advice if possible. Reading the lean start-up and watching countless videos, entrepreneurs always say it is easier to raise money before launching and I wanted your thoughts on that. I think raising money is a huge factor for whether I have […]

4 Transcendent Startup Tips From Penn and Teller

Three years ago, I was just a programmer. I had made a name for myself as a programmer, having written a 900 page book on Ruby, a few popular Ruby gems, and built several successful startups like from the ground up. Then something changed in me. I transformed into a startup founder, creating […]

How Do I Formulate Rock Solid Speeches?

Dear Lucas… Question for you: I had the opportunity to speak at a conference in Vegas last month. Ran about 20 minutes — a good toe dipping in the water experience. I’m hooked. I’d like to speak at future conferences — have any recommendations or articles that might help me formulate rock solid speeches? —Newbie Speaker Hi Newbie Speaker, […]