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Podcast 23: How to Raise Venture Capital Outside of Silicon Valley with Mike Belsito

Mike Belsito is a startup business developer who loves creating something from nothing. Mike has spent nearly ten years in various startup companies as an early employee, leader, and co-founder. This week we talk to Mike about new book, How to Raise Venture Capital Outside of Silicon Valley is a great primer for entrpreneurs who […]

Podcast 20: Dr Sean Wise on Knowing When to Quit Your Day Job

Dr Sean Wise, author of the new book Startup Opportunities: Know When to Quit Your Day Job, professor of entrepreneurship and innovation for the Ryerson University Entrepreneurship Program, producer of the Canadian entrepreneurship show The Naked Entrepreneur TV and consultant for Dragons’ Den (like the Shark Tank) is an expert at entrepreneurship and we are […]

Podcast 19: David S. Rose: The Man, The Legend, and Original Inventor of the iWatch

When I read the following words, I nearly peed my pants: I’ve been an entrepreneur for, oh, half a century or so, and I’m still making most of these mistakes! (And yeah, these are mistakes…his list is bang on target). When I grow up I wanna be Lucas or Jason, who not only know the […]

Podcast 18: Deep Strategy for M&A and Venture Capital with Tim Porter

Entrepreneurs are perpetually interested in M&A and Venture Capital topics, but often have little direct experience themselves. The math behind this is pretty obvious: if an entrepreneur starts 3 or 4 startups in his career, there are only so many opportunities that an entrepreneur gets to learn about these kinds of deals. On the other […]