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Why You Really Do Need a Landing Page

6 seconds.

That’s all you get on average to grab someone’s attention on any given page in the web.

If you haven’t gotten them within 6 seconds, they go check their email or Facebook.

A homepage that doesn’t have a clear, simple and direct call-to-action might convert 1-2% of its visitors. With a popup, you might be able to push that to 5%.

A great simple landing page can convert 25-50% of its visitors.

If you want to waste 48 of every 100 pageviews, then be my guest and don’t create a landing page.

But if you are ever going to create a marketing campaign or spend money advertising your business, you are sending all that traffic down the toilet.

At the very least, you should consider testing the idea of doing a landing page and looking at what numbers you come up with. If you need help, we happen to have a great guide on How to Create a Killer Landing Page That Converts Users.

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