Do you have a landing page? - Craftsman Founder

Do you have a landing page?

yes no

What’s a landing page? A simple page with a clear call-to-action to sign up. It can be your homepage or a special page designed to get the user to do one thing. It can be a long-form information packed landing page like or it can be simple and direct like The Craftsman Founder’s Manifesto.

What isn’t a landing page? A blog homepage is usually not a landing page because there is usually not a big button standing out asking the user to interact. It is more passive. Even if you have a box that asks for an email address to join your mailing list, that is still not really a landing page because the user’s focus will likely go toward the blog content and not the action of your desire.

If your homepage is more informative and less about getting your user to sign up for anything, then it is not a landing page either.

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