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Free Bonus Audio Courses

Free Bonus Exclusively for Mailing List Subscribers

Thank you for being on my mailing list. As a bonus gift to you, I want to get you started with a behind-the-scenes look at starting a company and how to manage yourself through the process.

Part 1: Why Start a Company

Do you want to be rich and famous?

Or change the world for the better?

One is not necessarily a better motivation than another. But whatever your motivation is, you had better know it up front.

In this first lesson, I will reveal what motivates me to start companies.

It’s probably not what you think it is…

You can also listen to the rest of this series.

Part 2: How to Start a Company and Manage Your Founder Psychology

Are you paralyzed with fear of failure and rejection?

Do you have dreams of getting rich with startups?

In this lesson, I talk┬ámore about founder psychology and the crazy things that go on inside an entrepreneur’s head while starting a business and how to break out of short-term thinking to build more successful businesses.

I also reveal the big secrets behind fundraising, sales, marketing, recruiting, leadership and every other aspect of running a startup.

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